Volatility continued across the indices

Before markets start experts say on both global and domestic fronts, market conditions will definitely influence the benchmark indices. Quarter ending results, crude oil cuts from OPEC, America and China trade war issue and Interim budget 2019 will direct the indices.

On Monday: Monday Indian Market indices hit the fifth consecutive profit day. Companies announcing strong results and favorable conditions from international indices strengthen the investor sentiment and make the arrows up. RIL stock supported the indices to go forward. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 192 and 55 points respectively.

NIFTY 50: Open:10,919.35, High:10,987.45, Low:10,885.75, Close:10,961.85 
S&P SENSEX: Open: 36,467.12, High:36,701.03, Low:36,351.77, Close:36,578.96

On Tuesday: Indices faced hurdles for the continuous profits from the past 5 trading days on Tuesday due to investors seems to take the profits gained earlier. Metal, Real Estate and Vehicle sector shares rioted with selling pressure, which hurts the investor sentiment and international issues added to the above. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 134 and 39 points respectively

NIFTY 50: Open:10,949.80, High:10,949.80, Low:10,864.15, Close:10,922.75 
S&P SENSEX: Open: 36,649.92, High:36,650.47, Low:36,282.93, Close:36,444.64

On Wednesday: On second day also, markets blown with red due to FMCG, Real Estate and IT stock traded under pressure and rioted with sales. America and China trade war issues arose again. But rupee closed positively. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 336 and 91 points respectively.

NIFTY 50: Open:10,931.05, High:10,944.80, Low:10,811.95, Close:10,831.50 
S&P SENSEX: Open: 36,494.12, High:36,521.47, Low:36,037.90, Close:36,108.47

On Thursday: Indian benchmark indices pause the losses which is happening from the last two days because of RIL and Yes Bank shares are supportive to move the graph upward.  Among sectors like IT, Energy, and PSU are bigger gainers and Automobiles, Pharma shares saw some pain. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 87 and 18 points respectively.

NIFTY 50: Open:10,842.95, High:10,865.85, Low:10,799.20, Close:10,849.80 
S&P SENSEX: Open: 36,146.55, High:36,258.28, Low:35,996.68, Close:36,195.10

On Friday: Markets tumbled again across both the indices and throughout the week, the indices are so volatile. Among the sectors like Auto index slipped over 3 percent, followed by the indices like Bank, FMCG, Infra, and Metal. BSE mid-cap and small-cap stocks also finished lower with more than 1 percent cuter. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 170 and 69 points respectively.

NIFTY 50: Open:10,864.15, High:10,930.95, Low:10,757.55, Close:10,780.55 
S&P SENSEX: Open: 36,245.77, High:36,474.48, Low:35,953.15, Close:36,025.54


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