The Bear Continued Its Cosmic Form To The Bull

Despite there are positive indications globally and domestically, but markets lost heavily in the third week also continuously, stock markets dipped by crude oil prices raises, US-China trade war, rupee lost its strength against the US dollar, and foreign fund outflows these are the main reasons to markets fall. This week markets worked for four days only, on the account of Moharram Thursday stock markets declared as a holiday.

Before markets started this week, Analysts expected that this week markets will move with positive indications because of reforms are going to take up of the government to give the boost to the economy, i.e., rupee recovered decisions from RBI and Government, Rupee recovers will give a chance to buy banking stocks by the investors.

On Monday: Markets breakdown with US and China trade war fuelled again, Rupee stepped towards slump, and led by Reliance Industries, HDFC, and HDFC Bank stocks fall also. Investors fear blown out and reflected with sales in the markets.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 11,464.95 11,464.95 11,366.90 11,377.75
S&P Sensex 38,027.81 38,027.81 37,548.93 37,585.51

FPIs sold shares worth INR. 1.06 billion, while DIIs sold shares worth INR. 1.8 billion, according to business standard provisional data.

On Tuesday: Market continued its downstream, due to hectic selling in the Banking, Financial, and Auto shares gone under pressure due to stocks sold by the investors. BSE stood at 37,291 points which is one month low (after 2nd Aug 2018) by losing 295 points and NSE stood below 11,279 points after losing 99 points.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 11,381.55 11,411.45 11,268.95 11,278.90
S&P Sensex 37,660.19 37,745.44 37,242.85 37,290.67

Domestic institutional investors sold shares worth INr. 1.80 billion, while foreign portfolio investors also offloaded shares to the tune of INR. 1.07 billion, according to business standard provisional data.

On Wednesday: Markets started with profits, but afternoon sessions are rioting with sales and indices are felt towards losses. Even trade war tensions between US and China packed, and Asset Management Companies shares fell down due to the SEBI announcement on per cent reduce on mutual funds, Jet Airways shares are down due to Income Tax raids, Bank of Baroda and Vijaya Bank shares are slumped due to nominations regarding mergers, and Banking and FMCG stock are rioting while, Dena bank shares gone over upper circuit and stood at ₹19.10, Rupee had made some recovery. Investors 3.62 lakh crore rupees has been evaporated.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 11,326.65 11,332.05 11,210.90 11,234.35
S&P Sensex

FPIs sold shares worth INR. 11.44 billion, while DIIs picked up equities worth a net INR. 2.65 billion according to business standard provisional data.

On Friday: Investors dreams has been gored with losses due to heavy crash even in the last day of the week also. Majorly markets are gored with Housing and financial institutions, 42% crash in DHFL, 29% in Yes bank due to RBI directive to its chief Rana Kapoor, to step down in January. Approximately, 450 stocks hit drastically at one year low. Within 4 days 5.6 lakh crore rupees has been evaporated of the investors, simply to say form the past few weeks Investors dreams looked like a mirage.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 11,271.30 11,346.80 10,866.45 11,143.10
S&P Sensex 37,278.89 37,489.24 35,993.64 36,841.60

Due to heavy fluctuation in the markets, EPOF (Employee provident fund organization) decided to take measures before investing. EPFO rejected the government application regarding investment limit increase from 15 per cent to 20-25 per cent. EPFO invested ₹50,000 crores since August 2015.

Punjab National Bank filed a bankruptcy notice application before the National Company Law Tribunal against to take up Lanco Vidarbha Thermal Group (Lanco Group). Reliance Industries announced permanent closure of KG-D6 block due to unavailability of resources.

FPIs bought shares net worth INR. 7.6 billion, while DIIs picked up equities worth a net INR. 5 billion according to business standard provisional data.

If you took over all week market analysis, BSE lost 1,249 points, the highest fall 505 pts on Monday, and lowest fall 169 pts on Wednesday while, NSE lost 372 points, the highest fall 137 pts on Monday and lowest fall 45 pts on Wednesday it’s the first time ever in this year.

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