Stock markets started rally?

July – September company results, Rupee and Crude oil fluctuations and NBFC liquidity issue are going to play a vital role in the movement of indices this week. America Q3 GDP statistics may affect too. L&T, Tata Motors, HDFC, Axis Bank, tech Mahindra, bank of Baroda, Dabur and some more are going to announce their quarterly results. International issue, America conditions is going to apply over Iran from 4th Nov 2018 onwards and this may Influence.

On Monday – Markets given a powerful kick start to the markets after two consecutive day losses because of RBI sorting out to purchase ₹40,000 crores worth of bonds, decrease in crude oil prices, demand among bank stocks and better results from the companies in their quarter results and major all giant stock are attracted the investor to buy.  A single ICICI bank stock given a proportion of 200 points boost to the Sensex because of their quarter results and ICICI bank gained more than 11%. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 bagged 718 and 221 points respectively.

S&P Sensex: Open: 33,549.88, High: 34,154.60, Low: 33,341.80, Close: 34,067.40
NIFTY 50: Open: 10,078.10, High: 10,275.30, Low: 10,020.35, Close: 10,250.85

On Tuesday – Again Bull took a pause to their rally due to investors are alerted with respect to America – China trade discussions over their decision, Companies results are not withstanding to investor levels and investors are covered their positions to take away the profits because of fluctuations. BPCL announced 48 per cent low profits for the Quarter ending September 2018 compared with last quarter.

S&P Sensex: Open: 34,068.92, High: 34,176.36, Low: 33,799.79, Close: 33,891.13
Nifty 50: Open: 10,234.55, High: 10,284.40, Low: 10,176.35, Close: 10,198.40

On Wednesday – Government favored towards Reserve Bank of India regarding the independent decision making and GOI clarified the relation between RBI and GOI, International favorable issues, Banking, IT and Pharma Stocks are boosted the indices to pull up. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 551 and 188 points respectively.

S&P Sensex: Open: 33,963.09, High: 34,463.38, 33,587.24, Close: 34,442.05
Nifty 50: Open: 10,209.55, High: 10,396.00, Low: 10,105.10, Close: 10,386.60

On Thursday – Markets are started with profits because of IT, Banking, Pharma, Metal and Vehicle shares profits but in the second session profits are evaporated due to sales fluctuations. IT and Pharma shares are sorted to sale list from the investor because of rupee strengthen. Foreign investors withdrawals hit the markets from another end. Overall S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 lose 10 and 6 points respectively.

S&P Sensex: Open: 34,650.63, High: 34,679.93, Low: 34,303.38, Close: 34,431.97
Nifty 50: Open: 10,431.10, High: 10,431.10, Low: 10,342.35, Close: 10,380.45

On Friday – Markets come up with some positiveness because of International Monetary Fund has said it was monitoring the development in India with regard to the reported rift between the Reserve Bank of India and the Centre. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 surged because of fall in crude oil prices, steady auto sales, appreciation in the rupee along with other global factors. BSE and NSE gained 580 and 173 points respectively

S&P Sensex: Open: 34,743.95, High: 35190.20, Low: 34,649.80, Close: 35,011.65
Nifty 50: Open: 10,466.40, High: 10,604.55, Low: 10,461.25, Close: 10,553.00


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