S&P Sensex reclaims 36,000 points after October while the Nifty 50 holds 10,800 points

Last week stock markets closed with losing due to exit poll results of 5 states predictions, the America– China Trade deal fears, Fed interest rate hike, and RBI board meeting brought the stock markets down. As experts say this week’s stock markets takes indications from November Derivative Contracts closing, July-September GDP Analytics on 30th, Crude Oil Prices volatile, Fed Reserve board meeting, Rupee volatile against the US dollar, and domestically Madhya Pradesh elections also very important. Positive indications to the markets continue decline in the crude oil prices, at present crude oil prices at 52 weeks low because of global supply increased and rupee also strongly regaining against the US dollar. Since this week’s markets starting S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 running up with good new highs. On Thursday S&P Sensex reached 36,000 points above after two months almost while the Nifty 50 also reached 10,800 points.

On Monday: Today markets closed the good profits because of Automobile, FMGC, and Banking shares take buying support from investors and continues decline in the crude oil prices. Mainly government announces that INR. 420 billion fund infusion in state-owned banks by the March end, if the Govt. supports the banks with fund NBFCs can get loans from Banks in easy way, it’s also a reason to the market gains.

S&P Sensex: Open 35,118.09 High 35,397.24 Low 34,896.07 Close 35,354.08
Nifty 50:      Open 10,568.30  High 10,637.80 Low 10,489.75 Close 10,628.60

On Tuesday: Indexes rose the second day; huge buying in IT and Pharma shares ran the markets ahead and The Government announcement of INR. 420 billion fund infusion in state-owned banks by the March end kept the investor interest in buying bank shares, macroeconomic statistics getting strength, subdued retail inflation, and falling crude oil prices are strengthening the investor sentiment on the second day.

S&P Sensex: Open 35,394.77 High 35,555.16 Low 35,262.97 Close 35,513.14
Nifty 50:      Open 10,621.45  High 10,695.15 Low 10,596.35 Close 10,685.60

On Wednesday: Indices rose for the third straight session on Wednesday, the main reasons are buying support in IT shares, Investors show interest on short covering ahead of the November derivatives expiry on Thursday, globally rising hopes of a trade deal between America – China also a reason the market gains.

S&P Sensex: Open 35,635.52 High 35,822.16 Low 35,605.34 Close 35,716.95
Nifty 50:      Open 10,708.75  High 10,757.80 Low 10,699.85 Close 10,728.85

On Thursday: Indexes continuous it’s profits on the fourth day also with new highs, S&P Sensex gained 453 points while the Nifty 50 rose 130 points respectively, both indices closed at their highest levels since October 1st. Investors shows interested on short covering ahead of the November derivatives expiry on today, along with all these reasons rupee also settled below 70 rupees against US dollar after three months and internationally America Fed Reserve chairperson Jerome Paul’s comments on interest rates also a reason for the Thursday market gains.

S&P Sensex: Open 35,997.29 High 36,253.85 Low 35,946.24 Close 36,170.41
Nifty 50:      Open 10,808.70  High 10,883.05 Low 10,782.35 Close 10,858.70

On Friday: Fifth consecutive day gain recorded by the indices but limited, indices ended marginally higher on Friday, but the Nifty could not hold on to 10,900 level. Pharma and IT sectors performed well with 1-2 percent gain and rupee also strengthened against the US dollar on the third consecutive day.

S&P Sensex: Open 36,304.43 High 36,389.22 Low 36,082.97 Close 36,194.30
Nifty 50:      Open 10,892.10  High 10,922.45 Low 10,835.10 Close 10,876.75

Overall week stock markets traded in the profits and closed with high profits, S&P Sensex gained 1,213 points or 3.43%, while the Nifty 50 gained 350 points or 3.29% respectively.


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