Rupee strengthened against the US dollar in the 2nd consecutive week also

₹ vs US$

With the rupee hitting fresh lows against the US dollar on account of rising US yields and geopolitical tensions, one unintended consequence is the impact it has on the common man. The most direct and visible impact that a common man sees is the rise in petrol and diesel prices, which in turn would push up inflation. Crude came under pressure after OPEC cut its forecast of global demand growth for oil next year for a third straight month, citing headwinds facing the broader economy from trade disputes and volatile emerging markets. On the domestic front, data released by CSO showed India’s inflation in September rose to 3.77% compared from 3.69% in the previous month.

  • The Indian rupee has gained this week by 0.24 paisa compared with the previous week close.
  • Last week Indian rupee closed at ₹73.56 with a gain of 0.20 paisa
  • This week on Friday rupee closed at ₹73.32 with gain of 0.17 paisa
  • Highest gain 0.37 paisa on 16th Oct.2018 and highest fall 0.27 paisa on 15th Oct. 2018

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