Rupee jumps into new highs

If you see the overall week Forex trading, rupee strongly raised against the US dollar. On Thursday rupee gained 2 months high against the US dollar. The last week rupee closed flat without raise and fall but this week strengthened strongly, there are the factors to rupee strength.

Only on Monday rupee fallen 0.38 paisa against the US dollar due to world’s largest oil exporter country Saudi Arabia announced to cut production by 500,000 barrels per day from December and called for a global output cut of one million barrels per day to support the crude oil price and rest of the days rupee raised.

  • Last week Indian rupee closed at ₹72.49 with a gain of 0.50 paisa
  • Highest raise 0.31 paisa on Wednesday and highest fall 0.38 paisa on Monday
  • This week rupee closed at ₹71.92 against the US dollar with the aggregate gain of 0.57 paisa

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