Rupee continues it’s dip

₹ vs US$

USA again started the trade war with China, European countries and India retaliated in the same way. Due to this war, the price of the imported commodities will go up which will further increase the outflow of dollar from the Indian market. As we know that Indian import bill is always greater than its export bill. It means that the trade war will adversely affect the Indian market and India will also experience the outflow of US dollars from its domestic market.

Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have pulled out nearly Rs.48,000 crore from Indian capital markets in the first six months of 2018, making it the fastest outflow in a decade. When the foreign investors find other attractive markets in the other parts of the world; they pull out their invested money by selling the equity shares. The rupee story has not changed and continued recreating new fall over days.

  • The Indian rupee impaired further by 0.11 paisa this week compared with the previous week close. The Indian rupee collapsed continues from the past three weeks.
  • Last week Indian rupee closed at ₹71.73 with a gain of 0.26 paisa.
  • Current week closed at ₹71.85 with gain of 0.34 paisa.
  • Highest gain ₹0.50 on 10th September 2018 and highest fall ₹0.72 on 12th September 2018.

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