Rupee continues its certainty in the consecutive sixth week

The economic phenomenon of a rupee impairment is a very big challenge for the Indian economy because it badly affects the economic condition of both the people and the nation. Imports become dearer and that is why the prices of essential commodities increase manifolds. Standard of living of the people falls down and the nation gets entrapped in a debt trap. The government of India and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are responsible for solving the problem of weakness of rupee. What we urgently require to restrain the rupee from the further sliding is to bring down the imports of the goods and services. More imports simply mean more requirements of the dollars. It means more demand for the dollar and which finally weakens the value of the Indian rupee. Production in all the sectors needs to be increased. The boost in the production would help us on two fronts. First, we do not need to import more to meet the additional growing demand for the goods and services and secondly, our exports too would get a boost. This would help us in earning the much-needed dollars from the exports to the various countries in the world. So, the fluctuations in the value of Indian rupee are more the matter of our lifestyle and social status than anything else.

  • The Indian rupee appreciated this week by 0.14 paisa gain compared with the previous week close.
  • Last week Indian rupee closed at ₹69.09 with an aggregate gain of ₹1.06.
  • This week on the last trading rupee closed at ₹68.95 with the loss of 0.13 paisa on Friday.
  • Highest gain 0.56 paisa on Monday and highest fall 0.44 on Tuesday.

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