Rupee and crude oil prices led the stock markets into profits

This week also Analysts are positive on the stock markets as last two weeks stock markets closed with profits and this week also in positive as follows,

Internationally crude oil prices coming down which is boost to our markets because of crude oil low rates Automobile, Oil, and FMCG company shares will get profits. Investors look after domestic statistics like Wholesale Price Index (WPI), Retail Price Index (RPI), and Industrial Price Index (IPI), companies July-September 2nd quarter results of Britannia, Godrej Industries, M&M, Eicher Motors Jet Airways etc., Rupee movements against the US Dollar, trade war news, and beginning of 5 states elections also, investors sentiment depends on these are the factors on this week markets.

On Monday: Stock markets opened with the profits and till afternoon markets were in profits, but in the last session markets took a dip due to crude oil prices and elections uncertainty. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) took a hard decision to cut in crude oil production, mainly on Monday Intraday trading crude oil cut in the production run down the markets and due to the cut in crude oil production decision Automobile and Oil companies share prices come down. Uncertainty on the outcome of the polls in five states also a key factor for the markets down and as experts says markets will be volatile until we have the outcome for the 2019 General Elections. Tata motors shares traded lose due to low Jaguar Land Rover sales in the October’18.

S&P Sensex: Open 35,287.49 High 35,333.22 Low 34,756.80 Close 34,812.99
Nifty 50:      Open 10,607.80  High 10,645.50   Low 10,464.05  Close 10,482.20

On Tuesday: Indexes recouped 332 points on Tuesday since crude oil prices come down and rupee strengthened against the US Dollar, these two reasons ran up the Tuesday stock markets. Retail Price Index (RPI) and Industrial Price Index (IPI) statistics are positive because of all these positive indications investors buy Oil, Banking, and Infrastructure shares in huge quantity. BSE and NSE reached 35,000 and 10,500 points above respectively.

S&P Sensex: Open 34,846.19 High 35,187.75 Low 34,672.20 Close 35,144.49
Nifty 50:      Open 10,451.90  High 10,596.25   Low 10,440.55  Close 10,582.50

On Wednesday: Today markets end flat, Information Technology and Pharma shares face selling pressure due to weak global cues but markets limited to low loses because of rupee strongly gained against the US dollar and crude oil prices also coming down since this week’s markets starting.

S&P Sensex: Open 35,330.14 High 35,351.88 Low 34,986.86 Close 35,141.99
Nifty 50:      Open 10,634.90  High 10,651.60   Low 10,532.70  Close 10,576.30

On Thursday: Thursday also markets gained, S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 119 and 40 points respectively because of the rupee strengthened against the US dollar and crude oil prices come down, these two reasons are main for market profits. Nifty 50 reached 10,600 points above with positive sentiment of investors and rupee also strengthened two months high against the US dollar.

S&P Sensex: Open 35,145.75 High 35,402.00 Low 35,118.42 Close 35,260.54
Nifty 50:      Open 10,580.60   High 10,646.50  Low 10,557.50  Close 10,616.70

On Friday: Week last day stocks markets led by IT, Energy, Infra, and Pharma stocks and blue-chip companies like RIL, HDFC, and Airtel also supported the market gains since markets closed in green. Nifty 50 reached 10,650 points above.

S&P Sensex: Open 35,398.70 High 35,545.85 Low 35,324.37 Close 35,457.16
Nifty 50:      Open 10,644.00   High 10,695.15  Low 10,631.15  Close 10,682.20

Overall weekly market S&P Sensex ended up with 0.86% and settled at 299 points as well Nifty 50 up by 0.62% and settled at 97 points gains respectively. This week entirely markets led by crude oil prices and rupee strengthened, these two are the main reasons to the market profits as well third week also markets closed with gains.


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