New Interval Fund Offer from Kotak Mahindra

Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund
Scheme Name Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 12
Objective of Scheme The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate returns through investments in debt and money market instruments. However, there is no assurance or guarantee that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved.
Scheme Type Interval Fund
Scheme Category Equity & Debt – Income
New Fund Launch Date 26-Oct-2018
New Fund Offer Closure Date 29-Oct-2018
Minimum Subscription Amount Rs. 5,000/- per application and in multiples of Re. 1/-
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Mutual Funds Based on Asset Class

Debt Fund: These are funds that invest in debt instruments e.g. company debentures, government bonds and other fixed income assets. They are considered safe investments and provide fixed returns.These funds do not deduct tax at source so if the earning from the investment is more than Rs.10,000 then the investor is liable to pay the tax on it himself.

Equity Fund or Stock Fund: is a fund that invests in stocks, also called equity securities.Stock funds can be contrasted with bond funds and money funds. Fund assets are typically mainly in stock, with some amount of cash, which is generally quite small, as opposed to bonds, notes, or other securities. This may be a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund. The objective of an equity fund is long-term growth through capital gains, although historically dividends have also been an important source of total return. Specific equity funds may focus on a certain sector of the market or may be geared toward a certain level of risk.

Mutual Funds Based on Structure

Interval Funds: These are funds that have the features of open-ended and close-ended funds in that they are opened for repurchase of shares at different intervals during the fund tenure. The fund management company offers to repurchase units from existing unit holders during these intervals. If unit holders wish to they can offload shares in favor of the fund.

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