Indices reached the 6 months new highs

Before Markets start experts said, this week both global and domestic fronts and Economic statistics shows its impact on indices. Retail and industrial index may show their dependence on indices. Election code may come into force. Rupee and Crude Oil price fluctuations had an eye by the investors.

On Monday: Monday indices are kick-started and investors are attracted towards stock buying. Assumptions over NDA lift up the Govt. again. Foreign investment flows into the country triggered the positive sentiment among investors, because of FIIs investments flow lifted the benchmark indices to six-month highs other side rupee also strengthen against the US dollar also boosted the markets. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 383 and 133 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:11,068.75, High:11,180.9, Low:11,059.85, Close:11,168.05
S&P Sensex: Open: 36,741.57, High:37,106.19, Low:36,726.39, Close:37,054.10

On Tuesday: Global and domestic positive indications lifted the markets on Tuesday, foreign inflow of investments, Real Estate, Oil, Telecom stock purchases, rupee continues to strengthen against the US dollar, and opinion polls favourable to NDA Govt. redirected the Indian benchmark indices to up. Nifty 50 stood up and above 11300 points. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 482 and 133 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:11,231.35, High:11,320.40, Low:11,227, Close:11,301.20
S&P Sensex: Open: 37,249.65, High:37,586.63, Low:37,230.85, Close:37,535.66

On Wednesday: Markets continued its profits on the third day in a row. Banking, Oil stocks rioted with purchases. Industrial index and retail inflation met its expectations and so far, indices moved towards positively. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 217 and 41 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:11,326.2, High:11,352.3, Low:11,276.60, Close:11,341.70
S&P Sensex: Open: 37,608.29, High:37,797.29, Low:37,478.87, Close:37,752.17

On Thursday: Markets ends up with low profits i.e. almost flat compared with last three-day profits. Banking shares moved positively because the RBI decision over USD – INR conversion agreement. FIIs inflows continued and rupee, crude oil supported the indices. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 03 and 02 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:11,382.50, High:11,383.45, Low:11,313.75, Close:11,343.25
S&P Sensex: Open: 37,840.64, High:37,907.78, Low:37,693.69, Close:37,754.89

On Friday: Benchmark indices continued to trade higher on Friday and blown out with green because of IT index has outperformed the other indices with nearly 2 percent gain followed by auto, infra, metal and pharma, while the selling was seen in the FMCG space. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 269 and 84 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:11,372.20, High:11,485.75, Low:11,372.20, Close:11,426.85 
S&P Sensex: Open: 37,760.23, High:38,254.77, Low:37,760.23, Close:38,024.32


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