Indices ran up with profits in the consecutive third week

Before markets start experts say, Indo – Pak consequences will be a one of the major issue, Rupee fluctuations, crude oil fluctuations and OPEC countries response for the same, FIIs and DIIs investment decisions, America and China trade issues will redirect the indices this week. This week markets traded for 4 days only on the account of Maha Sivaratri markets declared holiday on Monday i.e. 04-03-2019

On Tuesday: Indices are blown with green because of favorable conditions towards geographical and political consequences. Vehicle, Finance, and Oil shares are supported the indices to move up. Rupee appreciation added to the above. Crude oil prices are increased slightly. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 379 and 124 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:10,864.85, High:10,994.90, Low:10,817.00, Close:10,987.45
S&P Sensex: Open: 36,141.07, High:36,457.44, Low:35,926.94, Close:36,442.54

On Wednesday: Indices ran up on third day also because of Finance, Metal, and Oil shares are rioted with purchases and Indo-Pak war consequences also calm down. Investors sentiment also strong before the general elections. Rupee supported with gains. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 194 and 66 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:11,024.85, High:11,062.30, Low:10,998.85, Close:11,053.00
S&P Sensex: Open: 36,544.86, High:36,666.47, Low:36,456.82, Close:36,636.10

On Thursday: Once again rupee added its well addition to the Indian bench mark indices to move up and indices continued its profits on fourth day consecutively. Crude Oil price fluctuation also given its support. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 89 and 05 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:11,077.95, High:11,089.05, Low:11,027.10, Close:11,058.20
S&P Sensex: Open: 36,744.02, High:36,830.25, Low:36,590.88, Close:36,725.42

On Friday: On weekend day markets closed with slight losses for the week because Auto, Bank, Metal, Pharma, and IT stocks traded low, while FMCG and Infra are traded under pressure. Dr. Reddy’s Labs share price slipped into red, down over 2 percent. ICICI Bank and Coal India are off their intraday lows, trading ended in flat. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 54 and 23 points respectively

Nifty 50: Open:11,034.20, High:11,048.20, Low:11,009.90, Close:11,035.40
S&P Sensex: Open: 36,753.59, High:36,753.59, Low:36,592.93, Close:36,671.43


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