Indices gone through optimistic and pessimistic

This week companies quarter ending results, election polls and its polling procedure in many states and derivation contract closures will affect the markets. Investors also had their vision on Maruti Suzuki, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, Hero Motors, Biocon, and Saint companies last quarter results. Crude oil price fluctuations are showing their impact because of demand and supply. Rupee fluctuations and FIIs and DIIs investments also a key inflow which show its impact.

On Monday: Indices are tumbled the markets on Monday because America imposed order on other countries on crude oil imports from Iran. By this crude oil surged up and economic statistics weaken fear dragged down the arrow to steep down. The Jet airways issue also added to drag down the markets. Approximately, ₹1.92 lakh crores evaporated from the markets. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 495 and 158 points respectively.

Open High Low  Close
S&P SENSEX 39158.22 39158.22 38585.65 38645.18
NIFTY 50 11727.05 11727.05 11583.95 11594.45

On Tuesday: Indices are continuously dragged down on the third day also due to election polling condition and its allegation over Govt., companies last quarter results, Real estate and vehicle stocks rioted with sales and traded under pressure. America condition over crude oil affected the markets on 2nd day too. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 80 and 18 points respectively.

Open High Low  Close
S&P SENSEX 38771.27 38832.61 38518.26 38564.88
NIFTY 50 11612.95 11645.95 11564.80 11575.95

On Wednesday: Indian benchmark indices surged on Wednesday after three days continuous losses because Oil, Finance and IT stocks boosted the indices and short covering of derivative contract added their addition to the indices. Reliance industries, HDFC and HDFC Bank shares plus to the indices to redirect the arrow up. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 490 and 150 points respectively.

Open High Low  Close
S&P SENSEX 11601.50 11740.85 11578.85 11726.15
NIFTY 50 38672.63 39095.35 38,571.00 39054.68

On Thursday: Indian benchmark indices profits on Wednesday became one day profit and which were tumbled on Thursday due to crude oil prices surge and rupee impairment. These are tumbled the markets because crude oil crossed the $75 per barrel and our rupee stood above the ₹70 against the US dollar. Investor sentiment also in negative because due to derivation contract closure.  S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 324 and 84 points respectively.

Open High Low  Close
S&P SENSEX 11735.70 11796.75 11624.30 11641.80
NIFTY 50 39101.78 39262.22 38663.98 38730.86

On Friday: Indices surged again on Friday because all other sectors viz., bank, Energy, FMCG, Infra, IT, Metal, Pharma and PSU bank ended in green led by metal, bank, energy, IT, pharma and FMCG except Auto stocks. HDFC Life Insurance Company and Piramal companies are announced the Q4 earnings are positive which boosted the indices. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 336 and 113 points respectively.

Open High Low  Close
S&P SENSEX 11693.90 11762.25 11663.20 11754.65
NIFTY 50 38865.83 39103.16 38765.33 39067.33


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