Indices fallen down due to no change in RBI rate cuts

International signs and foreign developments are expected to guide the market this week. Domestically, RBI Monitory Policy Committee and the second quarter GDP figures will be released. Vehicle shares may come to light as they announce monthly sales figures. Also, US-China trade developments will have an impact on the global market.

On Monday: The indices on the first day of the week ended mixed. Shares of the sector have been tarnished by the announcement that telecom companies are raising tariffs. Investors were hit with weak GDP figures and slow vehicle sales. The S&P Sensex gained 8 points, while Nifty lost 8 points. Asian markets were positive and European markets were trading negative on international indicators. S&P SENSEX gained 8 points and NIFTY 50 lost 8 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 12,137.05 12,137.15 12,023.70 12,048.20
S&P Sensex 41,072.94 41,093.99 40,707.63 40,802.17

On Tuesday: Asian markets have come under pressure from the US government imposing tariffs on steel products imported from Brazil and Argentina to set the stage for the international trade war. The international markets were mixed and European markets were mixed. The rupee closed unchanged at 71.66 against the US dollar. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 127 and 54 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 12067.65 12068.60 11,956.40 11,994.20
S&P Sensex 40,852.00 40,885.03 40,554.04 40,675.45

On Wednesday: Indexes continued to fluctuate throughout the day and finally ended in profit. The Reserve Bank of India’s quarterly leveraged policy review decisions are being disclosed today, with another quarter of investors expecting a cut in rates amid expectations that investors will be trading in the last hour of trading. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 175 and 49 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 11,969.95 12,054.70 11,935.30 12,043.20
S&P Sensex 12,043.20 40,886.87 40,475.83 40,850.29

On Thursday: The indices lost in the trading session after the fluctuations. Maintaining key rates, RBI as default shattered sentiment. This is accompanied by a reduction in GDP growth estimates from 6.1 percent to 5 percent. RBI-based shares ended in a loss amid an RBI review. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 71and 25 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 12,071.25 12,081.20 11,998.75 12,018.40
S&P Sensex 40,988.14 41,002.41 40,720.17 40,779.59

On Friday: The broader market under performed – the S&P BSE Mid-cap index fell 1.2 percent, while the S&P BSE Small-cap index was down 0.86 percent on December 6th. The Nifty, which hit a record high of 12,158 last week, failed to hold onto the momentum and closed with losses of 1.1 percent for the week ended December 6th. The S&P Sensex, which rose to a record high of 41,163 last week, ended with losses of 0.85 percent for the week ended December 6th. Conflicting signs from the US and China on the trade deal and the Reserve Bank of India’s status quo on rates put brakes on the bull surge as both the S&P Sensex and the Nifty 50 closed the week with losses of about 1 percent. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 334 and 97 points respectively.

Over all the week S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 lost 349 and 135 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 12,047.35 12,057.05 11,888.85 11,921.50
S&P Sensex 40,952.13 40,952.13 40,337.53 40,779.59


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