Indices concluded the last week of 2018 in green

This week markets worked only for four days on the account of Christmas markets took off on Tuesday. Week starting as experts says markets will fluctuate in association with both domestic and international aspects and Derivative market closure will affect too. The GST committee announcement may influence the respective indices and to stop in crude oil price decrease, OPEC countries may restrict the production level and this may affect too.

On Monday: Starting day of the week markets continues their graph down and triggered the red. On the global front, international indices are negative and Indian indices are not excepted to the same. Real estate, Metal, and Vehicle shares are rioted with sales and traded under pressure. America political and uncertainty on their FED chairmen post lead to the negative indications. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 lost 272 and 91 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:10,780.90, High:10,782.30, Low:10,649.25, Close:10,663.50 
S&P Sensex: Open:35,859.66, High:35,910.67, Low:35,423.24, Close:35,470.15

On Tuesday – Christmas Holiday

On Wednesday: After three consecutive days of lost finally markets closed with profits after many fluctuations’ markets recovered in the afternoon session. Indices are fluctuated to 459 points lost and recovered, finally closed with 180 points gain. Futures contract closures and international markets influenced the domestic markets.
S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 180 and 66 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:10,635.45, High:10,747.50, Low:10,534.55, Close:10,729.85 
S&P Sensex: Open:35,443.16, High:35,711.26, Low:35,010.82, Close:35,649.94

On Thursday – Indices are fluctuated heavily but markets continued their profits for a second day because of derivative contract and international issues on global front positives. The markets took rally to 400 points gain in S&P Sensex, due to the fluctuations concluded at 157 points closed at BSE. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 157 and 50 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:10,816.55, High:10,833.45, Low:10,767.85, Close:10,779.80
S&P Sensex: Open:36,002.11, High:36,041.24, Low:35,781.95, Close:35,807.28

On Friday – All major sectoral indices are traded in the green, with maximum gains visibility among banks, pharmaceuticals and automobiles. Finally, markets conclude with three consecutive profits because of derivative contract closure, rupee fluctuations, up and down in crude oil and international issue. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 269 and 80 points respectively.

Nifty 50: Open:10,820.70, High:10,892.45, Low:10,820.70, Close:10,859.90
S&P Sensex: Open:35,911.99, High:36,194.78, Low:35,911.99, Close:36,076.72



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