Indian markets dragged down by the world markets

This week markets are traded with the consideration of meeting between America and China. As we already know that America going to impose import duty on Chinese imports worth of 200 billion dollars. Investors may consider the event before investing. GDP growth has met the 3 quarters low and the fiscal deficit issue may hit the markets.

On Monday – Markets traded between fluctuations from the beginning of the day with the issue like increasing in crude oil price, depreciation in the rupee, GDP statistics low performance. But FMCG stocks are supported the indices to move upwards. Investors are considering RBI monetary leverage meeting to trade. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 are down by 47 and 07 points respectively.

Nifty 50:      Open:10,930.70, High:10,941.20, Low:10,845.35, Close:10,883.75
S&P Sensex: Open:36,396.69, High:36,446.16, Low:36,099.68, Close:36,241.00

On Tuesday – Markets given a halt for 6 consecutive gain days because of RBI meetings, Impairment in rupee, rising in crude oil prices and internationally market’s performance are considered. America and China trade negotiations take into consideration. S&P Sensex and Nifty are making losses of 107 and 14 points respectively.

Nifty 50:      Open:10,877.10, High:10,890.95, Low:10,833.35, Close:10,869.50
S&P Sensex: Open:36,290.48, High:36,295.84, Low:36,036.39, Close:36,134.31

On Wednesday: RBI is not satisfied the markets in its half yearly policy committee and international negative trade issues over markets got affected the sentiment which leads to pressure among investors. The America – China trade issue added to the above to make indices down. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 are down by 250 and 87 points respectively.

Nifty 50:      Open:10,820.45, High:10,821.05, Low:10,747.95, Close:10,782.90
S&P Sensex: Open:36,035.65, High:36,048.65, Low:35,777.81, Close:35,884.41

On Thursday – Majorly indices are followed international markets which are marked up with losses due to China telecom company HUWAVE CFO arrest and the company co-founder daughter’s arrest in Canada. It effects the America and China relationship at most. Asian market investors are under pressure with the news. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 are down by 572 and 182 points respectively.

Nifty 50:      Open:10,716.85, High:10,722.10, Low:10,589.45, Close:10,601.15
S&P Sensex: Open:35,694.25, High:35,707.23, Low:35,266.76, Close:35,312.13

On Friday – Markets are moved positive at the weekend because positive sentiment ran among investors and a crack in OPEC could well be a game changer for India. If oil prices are left to free market forces, there is a possibility that they would remain depressed. Based on perpetuity from the side of India, this will be a shot in the arm as it will help bring down the country’s current account deficit and balance its fiscal arithmetic. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 are gained 361 and 93 point respectively.

Nifty 50:      Open:10,643.20, High:10,703.20, Low:10,600.65, Close:10,693.70 
S&P Sensex: Open:35,494.86, High:35,730.05, Low:35,378.27, Close:35,673.25


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