Indian Indices overcome the starting hurdles

Markets are starting with the back of heavy losses in the last week and election results and exit polls are positive towards UPA. Investors may move their steps very carefully due to the above reasons. For this international trade issue is added. SLR (statutory liquid reserve) is cut by 25% by the RBI. For these reasons’ markets may fluctuate heavily.

On Monday – Across the country markets make another “Black Monday”. Experts are making an opinion that, markets may down because the exit polls are negative towards the central government. Investors are eagerly awaiting to the recover on Monday from heavy losses, but their desire isn’t coming into reality. Markets are rioting with sales and gone under pressure. Rupee impairment added to the above. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 makes losses 714 and 205 points respectively.

NIFTY 50:     Open:10,508.70, High:10,558.85, Low:10,474.95, Close:10,488.45
S&P SENSEX: Open:35,204.66, High:35,246.97, Low:34,915.77, Close:34,959.72

On Tuesday – Indices are fluctuated heavily due to the aspects happened across the country, i.e. the indices turned opposite to which actually expected. Initially the markets turn to deep losses and recovered later due to the issues viz., RBI governor resignation, election results is negative towards the government. But finally, markets are surging up instead of election results. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 190 and 61 points respectively.

NIFTY 50:      Open:10,350.05, High:10,567.15, Low:10,333.85, Close:10,549.15
S&P SENSEX: Open:34,584.13, High:35,207.33, Low:34,426.29, Close:35,150.01

On Wednesday – Bull surged up with after unclasp from a bear because of new governor appointment for Reserve Bank of India and real estate, vehicle, metal and related shared are demanded by the investors and rioted towards purchases. America and China trade issue are moving smoothly and investors hope positive on coming Industrial and retail indexes. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 gained 629 and 188 points respectively.

NIFTY 50: Open:10,591.00, High:10,752.20, Low:10,560.80, Close:10,737.60
S&P SENSEX: Open:35,277.84, High:35,826.58, Low:35,167.47, Close:35,779.07

On Thursday – Positive economic statistics and favorable conditions from the side of Reserve Bank of India moved the market indices up. Retail inflation decreased to 17 months low and Industrial index stood up within 11 months satisfies the investor. RBI governor assured to make a conference with every bank hierarchy is a positive addition to the investor sentiment. Rupee recovered from the consecutive losses. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 151 and 54 points respectively.

NIFTY 50: Open:10,791.45, High:10,838.60, Low:10,750.35, Close:10,791.55
S&P SENSEX: Open:36,024.88, High:36,095.56, Low:35,794.51, Close:35,929.64

On Friday – Markets are fluctuated heavily at the weekend because of confusion among the investor on the overall market scenario. The reduction in inflation forecast to 2.7-3.2% from 3.9-4.5% should have ideally led to lesser hawkish monetary policy. The market has more or less disappointed investors in 2018. The Nifty50 has merely given 4 percent YTD (Year to Date) return till date. The rising crude oil prices, depreciating rupee and international trade tensions were some factors that affected the market in 2018. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 33 and 14 points respectively.

NIFTY 50:      Open:10,785.10, High:10,815.20, Low:10,754.20, Close:10,805.45
S&P SENSEX: Open:35,960.19, High:36,019.02, Low:35,813.85, Close:35,962.93


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