If we didn’t trade, our money will remain?
Yes, but the company also stays for a long time until we reach our goal.

If we want to buy shares, what is the minimum investment price?
In Cash Market, we can buy even 1 share also, in Derivative Market we have to take contracts for 1 or 2 or 3 months.

Can we buy shares through SIP also?
Yes, we can buy.

What is a Short Position or Short Selling?
Short Position or Short Selling means shares selling due to fall

What are Long Positions?
Long Position means shares buying for high rate in the future.

What is Short Sell in Commodities?
When we are expecting a particular share is going down, then we’ll do the short position.

What is Face Value?
The company will decide INR.10 per share before going to the list in NSE or BSE, this is called primary market.

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