Exit polls supported the indices strengthen

As experts say, this week Indian benchmark indices are going to be influenced by the domestic issues than global issues viz., exit polls will be released and assumptions on NDA catch the PM seat again with majority MP seats. The companies 4th quarter results will also influence slightly. In the global front, US-China trade war issues, Brexit issues, Japan GDP movements and crude oil price fluctuations will show their impact. Rupee fluctuation and FIIs and DIIs investments also show the impact on indices.

On Monday: Indian benchmark indices surged at one and bull roared a huge and investor’s bags are filled with profits within a minute. Investors’ wealth was increased within seconds because of Exit polls favors against the NDA and assumptions on NDA will occupy the seat of PM again. This is the second largest increase for SENSEX in a single day after 2,110.79 points on 18 may 2009. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 1,422 and 421 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,651.90 11,845.20 11,591.70 11,828.25
S&P SENSEX 38,701.18 39,412.56 38,570.04 39,352.67

On Tuesday: Investors pulled off the profits from the markets and which make the market losses and reflected with red. Vehicle, Metal, Telecom stocks rioted with sales and indices are gone under pressure. Investors looking forward the results which are going to release on 23rd May 2019. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 383 and 119 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,863.65 11,883.55 11,682.80 11,709.10
S&P SENSEX 39,449.45 39,571.73 38,884.85 38,969.80

On Wednesday: Markets closed with small profits on Wednesday even though markets fluctuated heavily. Banking, Vehicle stocks supported the indices to blow the green. Rupee appreciation added to the above and crude oil is tumbled a little. Investors are moving their investments carefully. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 140 and 29 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,727.95 11,784.80 11,682.40 11,737.90
S&P SENSEX 39,086.21 39,249.08 38,903.87 39,110.21

On Thursday: Indices moved with boosting speed because exit polls and 4th quarter results reflected parallelly but after the indices are dragged down to the negative slowly, i.e., withdrawals from markets by the investors have witnessed the same. SENSEX and NIFTY 50 touch the new benchmarks, but stood below 40,000 and 12,000 points respectively. Rupee and crude fluctuations also added to the above. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 lost 299 and 81 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,901.30 12,041.15 11,614.50 11,657.05
S&P SENSEX 39,591.77 40,124.96 38,651.61 38,811.39

On Friday: Indian indices surged once again on week last trading day and concluded the trade day with profits because of assumption on exit poll come true with the general election results which announced on yesterday and NDA will address the chair once again. PSU Banks, Auto, Metal and Infra stocks performed well and redirected the graph up. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gained 623 and 187 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,743.75 11,857.95 11,660.40 11,844.10 
S&P SENSEX 39,076.28 39,476.97 38,824.26 39,434.72


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