Bear surged in the stock markets again after a halt

As per the expert’s opinion, this week markets may fluctuate even last Friday closed positively because investors may rioted with sales if the portfolio is positive. On another end investor sentiment is towards bearish because the situations going to happen viz., BJP loses assumptions in coming 5 state election, Assumptions on trade war, fear between America and China, Rupee and crude oil fluctuations and this week stock markets worked fro 4 days also, on the occasion of Dussera markets declared as holiday.

On Monday – Markets are closed positively with some gains. IT and Pharma shares are rioting with buyer support and investor took a cautious move because of International trade issue and crude oil price fluctuations. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 added gains of 132 and 40 points to their bag respectively.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 10,509.10 10,525.80 10,411.00 10,512.50
S&P Sensex 34,971.83 35,008.65 34,559.98 34,865.10

On Tuesday – Consecutively markets are concluded in green from the past three trading days because positive expectations on company’s quarter results, appreciation of rupee and a slight fall in crude prices.  With the positive sentiment among investor indices glowed green. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 added gains of 297 and 72 points to their bag respectively.

Investment through participatory notes are nine and half years low in the month of September 2018 standing with ₹79548 crores compared with April 2009 due to the Securities Exchange Board of India rules and regulation tightened recently. The central vigilance Commission (CVC) prepared a report on 100 bank frauds and submitted to Reserve Bank of India, Enforcement Directorate and Central Bureau of Investigation on 13 major sectorial frauds viz., Manufacturing, Jewellery and ornaments, Agro, Media, Aero, Trading, Services, IT, Exports, Fixed Deposits, Letter of comfort and any more.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 10,550.15 10,604.90 10,525.30 10,584.75
S&P Sensex 35,004.33 35,215.79 34,913.06 35,162.48

On Wednesday – The benchmark indices fell sharply during 2nd session as liquidity fears weighed on investor sentiment and dragged down the NFBC stocks. Markets are starting with positive sentiment with good quarterly results announced by the companies, but suddenly markets took a U-turn and marked as negative. In the afternoon session, Bear surged against bull due to impairment in rupee and crude oil price hike. S&P Sensex fluctuated approximately 900 points in Intraday sessions. S&P Sensex and NIFTY 50 fell by 383 and 132 points in their bag respectively.

In India, IT companies are going to buy back their shares which may reflected with negativizes after buyback of shares because companies are spending their liquid reserves. But popular IT companies Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services are an exception to this scenario because these companies are bagged with enough reserves i.e. Infosys and TCS are ₹31, 000 crores and ₹47, 000 crores respectively – International Rating Agency Moody’s says.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 10,331.85 10,482.35 10,318.25 10,460.10
S&P Sensex 35,543.38 35,605.43 34,727.16 34,779.58

On Friday – After a market holiday S&P Sensex and NIFTY 50 triggers the day with red with maximum cuts in all major sectorial stocks. Information Technology stocks were under selling pressure on Friday after US President Donald Trump administration said it is planning major changes in the H-1B visas i.e. Nifty 50 IT fells nearly 3 percent viz., HCL, INFY, TechM, and TCS are witness of the same and followed by some stocks. Information Shares of NBFC companies, particularly in the housing finance space, were lower even as the RBI looked to ease norms for such companies. S&P Sensex and Nifty 50 fell by 464 and 150 points in their bag respectively.

Government of India imposed anti-dumping duty on certain steel products importing from China.

Open High Low Close
Nifty 50 10,323.55 10,378.10 10,249.75 10,303.55
S&P Sensex 34,563.29 34,563.29 34,140.32 34779.58



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