Bear Clinched The Stock Markets This Week Too…

This week all Indian markets worked for 4 days only on the occasion of Vinayaka Chaturthi holiday on Thursday i.e. 13th September 2018. Week beginning stock markets both BSE & NSE slipped deeply, S&P Sensex loses almost 1000 points as well Nifty 50 losses 300 points above, but Indian markets covered up with countable profits in the remaining two days because investors mainly hoped for some commentary or outcome from the Prime Minister’s economic review meet over the weekend, consumer and wholesale inflation data added to the positive on the last day and the results of Retail Inflation for the month of August 2018 is 3.69 per cent, export growth stood at 19.21%, and Manufacturing (Industrial inflation) index growth stood at 6.6 per cent but still storm continues in the second week too.

  • A bear showed its cosmic form and approximately 1000 points lost by SENSEX in the first two days and ₹4. 14 lakh crores of investors’ funds have been evaporated on Tuesday. After first day sessions expired of this week markets are closed with deep negative, i.e., Indian major stock exchange indices SENSEX and NIFTY 50 closed at 37,922 pts (468 points loss) and 11,438 pts (151 points loss) respectively.
  • Again on Tuesday bear punched with its claw. S&P SENSEX and NFITY 50 stripped down to 37,413 pts (509 points loss) and 11,288 pts (151 points loss). Markets are stripped down to 3 weeks low after 16th March 2018 S&P SENSEX 510 points crash and 06th February 2018 Nifty 50 151 points crash.
  • Between America and China again trade war ignited. Due to this, both the countries ponting with duties. Rupee crash, Withdrawal of FDI by foreign investors, expectations for American FED interest rates hike and increasing in crude oil prices fueled some more of the above.
  • Investors are discouraged with trade deficit has been increasing in April-June quarter and impacts country’s current account deficit stood at 15.8 billion dollars (₹1, 15,000 cores).
  • Investors are sold out with heavy pressures in all major sectors viz., FMCG, Metal, Transport, Vehicle and economic related shares. Consecutively vehicle industry shares are down for the second month due to sales low.

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