After five consecutive months S&P Sensex closed above 40,000 points and Nifty 50 settled nearby 12,000 points

This week markets will work for only four days. On the account of Diwali Balipratipada on Monday markets will not work.  International development and July-September quarterly results for corporate companies are set to guide the market. Depending on the results of the disclosure of the companies, there may be movements in the shares of the respective sectors and companies. As the results of the Maharashtra and Haryana elections are revealed, investors will be keen on the government’s efforts to boost growth in the coming days. The US Fed Leverage Policy Conference, US-China Trade War Tensions and Brexit Impact. US and China PMI Manufacturing Statistics, Japan and US Third Quarter JDP Statistics.

On Monday: Diwali Balipratipada   

On Tuesday: Indexes continued for the second consecutive day in ‘Samvat 2076’. The indices of goodwill for investors in the specially organized Moorat Trading on Diwali day added more to the performance of the actress on Tuesday. Markets have been hit by expectations that the government will once again offer financial incentives and cut back on income tax. The rupee ended 0.6 paisa higher at 70.84 against the US dollar. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gain 582 and 160 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,643.95 11,809.40 11,627.35 11,786.85
S&P SENSEX 39,293.49 39,917.01 39,254.12 39,831.84

On Wednesday: The Sensex is again hitting a record high of 40,000 points in anticipation of the government’s repeal of many taxes. Measuring quarterly results of companies strengthen sentiments. The government’s review of long-term capital gains tax and securities transaction taxes, including the non-payment of dividend distribution tax has worked. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gain 220 and 57 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,883.90 11,883.95 11,784.45 11,844.10
S&P SENSEX 40,055.63 40,178.12 39,805.11 40,051.87

On Thursday: The index slipped for the fifth day in a row. IT and banking are the art of buying shares. International signs have been positive as US Fed lowers interest rates. The company’s quarterly results showed a steady flow of foreign investment into the sentimental. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gain 77 and 37 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,890.45 11,954.00 11,855.10 11,877.45
S&P SENSEX 40,211.99 40,392.22 40,054.89 40,129.05

On Friday: Last day indices are very high. Top 10 stocks to buy now based on technical parameters. Market is continuously taking support at (T1) trend line and prices are moving in a channel and the channel target form medium to long-term perspective comes around 13,000-13,500 which can be achieved in next one to two years’ time horizon, risk for this view will be a close below 10,500 levels. S&P SENSEX and NIFTY 50 gain 36and 22 points respectively.

Open High Low Close
NIFTY 50 11,883.20 11,917.05 11,843.70 11,890.60
S&P SENSEX 40,196.07 40,283.30 40,014.23 40,129.05

Over all the week markets closed in green with high volumes S&P Sensex gained 915 points or 2.80% while Nifty 50 lost 263 points or 2.66% respectively.



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