A break to the continues 6 week rally of the stock markets

This week’s stock market (BSE & NSE) started with huge fall and it’s continued for 6 consecutive days, this is the first time after three months 6 days continue downfall in the stock markets, reasons are many but particularly

  • Trade war fears still live between the United States of America and China
  • On the week first day sharp sell in Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) and India Tobacco Company of India Ltd. (ITC) as investors book profits.
  • Banking sector fall due to the 10-year yield bonds ended at 8.06 percent surging
  • The rupee traded at lifetime low due to trade deficit and strong US dollar
  • Brent crude oil prices neared US $80
  • Investors book profits at FMCG, Real estate, and Banking stocks
  • Purchase Mangers Index (PMI) statistics lower than the expected in August
  • Less GST collections
  • NDA backward in Karnataka local elections
  • Turkey, Argentina and other countries currencies also dropped against the US dollar
  • Also, Investors’ took the signals from SEBI regulations as a Foreign Institutional investors forum warned the concerned official regarding withdrawal of FDI of 75 billion dollars (₹525 lakh crores), if the indications are negative towards beneficiary interest.

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